Online Gambling Addiction and How to Combat it

Online Gambling Addiction and How to Combat it

Online gambling addiction, also called internet addiction, is an addictive behavioral tendency that effects nearly everyone from 0.1% to 6.6 percent of the entire adult population. This habit often co-occurs with various other forms of addiction, such as alcohol addiction and prescription drugs. Those who have developed an addiction to online gambling sites spend more time playing online casino games than any other activity in their lives. Because of this habitually-appearing behavior, gambling disorder is categorized as an impulse control disorder. And like all other impulses, online gambling addiction comes with both advantages and disadvantages to the person who is addicted.

online gambling addiction

The most obvious advantage of gambling online is that you can gamble from the comfort of your own home. You do not have to leave home to gamble – which makes it much safer and easier to cope with. However, the danger to your safety does not end there. Anyone can play online gambling addiction since any computer can access the internet.

Also, because online gambling disorder is not an illegal behavior in most jurisdictions, your loved ones are more likely to how to get off gamstop take time to help you deal with the problem. It is hard enough for you to deal with the problem in the face of your loved ones’ disapproval. Now add the added burden of finances – especially if one or both of you has lost their job. Your family’s support and understanding will be crucial in overcoming this issue.

Another disadvantage of online gambling addiction is that it is a very expensive habit. Even when you are playing for “real money”, you are still gambling – and that cost money. For young adults just starting out in the professional world, gambling problems can cost you everything. That means that young adults with online gambling disorder may delay leaving home to attend college or find other employment opportunities because they cannot risk losing the money they won in online casinos.

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage is that online gambling addiction can ruin the life of your loved one. In some cases, the problem is so severe that your loved one ends up in the hospital. The constant worry about money and security causes them to neglect other important activities in life. They may be too focused on solving the immediate problem at hand. A young adult suffering from online gambling addiction cannot function without adequate access to money and gambling resources.

If you find yourself faced with online gambling addiction or know someone who does, contact a licensed money transfer service like Western Union, MoneyGram or Moneybookers to transfer funds from your bank account or credit card to your home or office. Ask your financial institution for their recommended online service providers. Or, contact the online casino where you make your bets. Find out if they offer a money transfer service like Western Union or Moneybookers. If they do, request that your online casino provide you with their recommended online service provider number.


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